Get Service You Can Rely On

Get Service You Can Rely On

We offer water heater repairs in Easton, PA

Are you hearing strange noises coming from your water heater? Does your hot water run out before your shower ends? Lehigh Plumbing offers reliable water heater repairs in the Easton, PA area. Our plumber will make sure you have the hot water you need.

We have experience troubleshooting tank and tankless water heaters. If your system is leaking or not working properly, our plumber will recommend cost-effective repairs or replacements. Call 610-973-5070 today for water heater repairs in Easton, PA and the surrounding area.

5 signs you need water heater repairs

We’ll always provide a professional opinion on the best course of action. There are numerous signs you need to call us for professional repairs, including:

1. Not getting enough hot water for your home
2. Hearing odd noises coming from the water heater
3. Seeing water around the base of the unit
4. Noticing rusty water coming from your taps
5. Owning a water heater that is more than ten years old

We prefer to make repairs and extend the life of your current system. Contact Lehigh Plumbing today for quality water heater repairs in Easton, PA.